UHJA Sponsors 

2014 Sponsorship Program

If you interested in supporting the club as a UHJA corporate sponsor, please contact the Sponsorship Chair Janna Hambor at Janna Hambor

2014 Corporate Sponsors

JLH Equestrian
Rose Ranch
Phoenix Management/Bizios
Whirlaway Farms/Fricke
Horse Crazy Tack and Supply
Alta Hills Tack
Lutter Consulting/The Lutter Family
Jacey Ranch

2014 Medal Finals Sponsors

Children's Hunter Classic: Alta Hills Farm / The Knights
Adult Amateur Hunter Classic: JLH Equestrian / Janna Hambor
Junior/Amateur Hunter Classic: Saltaire Farm / Kari Swainston
Short/medium Stirrup Classic: Utah System Builders / Lon Swainston
Long Stirrup Classic: Closet Connection / Kaye Simmonds
Cross Bar Classic: Singleton Family
Horse Crazy Hunter Welcome: Horse Crazy / Tammy Armantrout & Lorri Karpinski
Open Equitation: SWIFT SPORT USA
$100 Warm Up Jumper: UHJA
$200 "Willie Wicks" Warm-up Jumper: The Wicks Family
$750 Pick Your Partner Hunter Derby: Alta Hill's Tack
$200 Jumper Welcome: Pro Photo / Pam Olsen
$1,000 UHJA Hunter Derby: UHJA
$500 Low Jumper Classic: UHJA
$500 High Jumper Classic: UHJA
$500 Rotating Pair Jumper: UHJA
The Natural Selection Modified Children's/Amateur Hunter Classic: The Segni Family
Carol Sundeen Memorial Pony Hunter Classic: Lynnleigh Farm

2014 Year End Awards Sponsors

Hunter Horse of the Year: AA Callister
Jumper Horse of the Year: AA Callister
Rose Ranch / Money Penny Memorial Speed Challenge: Rose Ranch Stables
Horse Crazy Hunter Series: Horse Crazy / Tammy Armantrout & Lori Karpinski
UHJA Hunter Seat Medal 17-Under: JLH Equestrian (Janna Hambor)
UHJA Adult Amateur Hunter Seat Medal: Karen Stoleman
UHJA Modified Junior / Amateur Medal 2'9": Whirlaway Enterprises / The Frickies
UHJA Open Hunter Seat Medal (3'6"): Alta Hills Tack
UHJA Jumper Seat Medal: Rose Ranch
UHJA Pony Hunter Seat Medal: Stratford / Getaway Vacations
Pre-Green Hunter: Rose Ranch Stables
Open Working Hunter: LBR Communications Inc.
Green Working Hunter: The Armantrout Family
Regular Working Hunter: Gemini Farm / The Smyrls
Baby Green Working Hunter: Parkwood Equestrian
Cross Bar: We Are Pals, Green
Short Stirrup Working Hunter: Jacey Ranch / The Simpsons
Short Stirrup Equitation: Lutter Consulting
Medium Stirrup Hunter: Lutter Consulting
Medium Stirrup Equitation: Patricia Stephens-French
Long Stirrup Hunter 18-over: Pam Aizad
Long Stirrup Equitation 18-over: Cathy Hansen
Long Stirrup Hunter 17-Under: Nicole Weaver
Long Stirrup Equitation 17-Under: Pegasus Event Center
Pony Working Hunter: Alta Hills Farm / The Knights
Modified Children's/Amateur Hunter: Phoenix Management / Lacy Bizios
Childrens Hunter: Pro Photo / Pam Olson
Adult Amateur Working Hunter: Alex Granato
Junior / Amateur Working Hunter: Saltaire Farm / Kari Swainston
Pony Equitation Not to Jump 17-under: Jacey Ranch / The Simpsons
Equitation Not to Jump 13-Under: Michael D Knight
Equitation Not to Jump 14-17: Lisa Savage
Equitation Not to Jump 18-39: The Singleton Family
Equitation Not to Jump 40 and over: South Valley Large Animal Clinic
Equitation Over Fences 13-Under: Phoenix Management / Lacy Bizios
Equitation Over Fences 14-17: Lisa Savage
Equitation Over Fences 18-39: Utah System Builders / Lon Swainston
Jumper 2'6": Natural History Museum
Pony Jumper: Whirlaway Enterprises / The Frickies
Childrens/Adult Amateur Jumper: Denise Tilley Show Stables
Junior/Amateur Jumper: Alex Granato
High Training Jumper: Mountain View Vet
Modified Open Jumper: Promontory Equestrian Center
Training Jumper: The Law Office of Jaime Topham

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