If you interested in supporting the club as a 2018 UHJA Corporate, Year End Awards or Medal Finals sponsor, please contact the Sponsorship Chair Mariah Baird. Click here to contact Mariah via email. 

2018 Medal Finals Sponsors

Modified Children's / Adult Am Hunter Classic: The Armantrout Family
Children's Hunter Classic: Jeanine Flint  
Adult Amateur Hunter Classic: Jon Knight 
Junior/Amateur Hunter Classic: Maple Mountain Farm  
Short/Medium Stirrup Classic: Beauty Blades, Liz Bates 
Low Children's / Low Adult Am Hunter Classic: Suzanne Hofmann
Cross Bar Classic: Singleton Family
Horse Crazy Hunter Welcome: Horse Crazy / Tammy Armantrout & Lorri Karpinski
$1,000 UHJA Fall Hunter Derby: UHJA
Carol Sundeen Memorial Pony Hunter Classic: Lynnleigh Farm, The Sundeens
Open Equitation: Allison Wicks 
$100 UHJA Jumper Warm-up: Hillary Howe
$200 Pro Photo Jumper Welcome: Pro Photo/ Pam Olsen
$500 Low Jumper Classic: Feather Fancee / The Simpsons
$500 High Jumper Classic: UHJA

2018 Year End Awards Sponsors

UHJA Pony Hunter Seat Medal: Equine Pavilion
UHJA Hunter Seat Medal 17-under: JLH Equestrian, Janna Hambor
UHJA Hunter Seat Medal 18-over: Alta Hills Tack, Holly Dwyer
UHJA Modified Junior/Amateur Medal: The Powlick Family
UHJA Jumper Seat Medal: Rose Ranch, The Wicks Family
Green Hunter 3': Rose Ranch, Spring/Fall Classics
Green Hunter 3'3": Suzanne Hofmann
Performance Hunter 3'3": South Valley Equine
Cross Bar Rider: Pro Photo, Pam Olsen
Short Stirrup Hunter: Travis Steadman
Short Stirrup Equitation: The Schmidt Family
Medium Stirrup Hunter: Ken & Mary Zollo
Medium Stirrup Equitation: Sally Padawer
Low Children's Hunter 17-under: Kathy Hansen
Low Children's Equitation 17-under: Raine Padawer
Low Adult Amateur Hunter 18-over: Flying Colors, Justine Goulet
Low Adult Amateur Equitation 18-over: Mariah Baird
Medium Pony Hunter: Mountain View Veterinary
Large Pony Hunter: Armantrout Family
Modified Junior/Amateur Hunter: Suzanne Hofmann
Children's Hunter: Under Contract, LLC, Hillary Howe
Adult Amateur Hunter: AMG Equestrian, Anne Godfrey
Junior Hunter 3'3": Promontory Equestrian Center
Amateur Owner Hunter 3'3": LBR Communications, Lee Rech
Amteur Owner Hunter 3'6": Mariah Baird
.80m Jumper: Denise Tilley, Tilley Show Stables
.90m Jumper: Rich Hanes Art Gallery
Low Adult Amateur Jumper: Jeanine Flint
Pony Jumper: Kristen McClellan
Money Penny Memorial Jumper: Rose Ranch Stables 
1.05M Jumper: Dr. Beau Beck, DVM
1.15 M Jumper: Mad Season, LLC, Alex Granato
Equitation Not to Jump 12-14: The Kovner Family
Equitation Over Fences 12-14: Chris & Christy Abbruzzese
Equitation Not to Jump 15-17: MDK | Michael Knight
Equitation Over Fences 15-17: Promontory Equestrian Center
Equitation Not to Jump 18-35: The Singleton Family
Equitation Not to Jump 36-over: Sally Padawer
Equitation Over Fences 36-over: Alta Hills Tack, Holly Dwyer
Horse Crazy Hunter Series: Horse Crazy 
Hunter of the Year: AA Callister
Jumper of the Year: AA Callister